Produit spécialité et cuisine de l'Aveyron


Aveyron… It is a small village nestled in its valley. It is a field of red earth which adjoins with an intense green forest. It is a causse placed on a rocky plateau. It is a river which crosses a meadow where the cattle graze.

Aveyron is also about discovering a gourmet geography rooted in the purest tradition.

This Aveyron gastronomy is as rich and varied as are its landscapes. It is delicious, rare and authentic. It draws its source from this land and from these men who know that to cook well you must first and foremost inquire about the good and the natural.

In Aveyron, cooking is not only cooking, it is roasting, grilling, fricasser, browning, browning, browning, sautéing, simmering. It is taking the time to prepare simple and good dishes transmitted by ancestral traditions.

In this very real region, there is a very strong link between women, men, the land and the food it offers them.

This art of living, the aveyronnais develop it from generation to generation and make it discover with love, passion and authenticity.

In this region, opportunities to eat well are not uncommon. Around a table, with family or friends we love to feast on simple and authentic dishes. Recognized in 2010 by UNESCO, the French meal ritual is a structural element of our intangible cultural heritage.

The excellence of Aveyron cuisine is due to the know-how of the people who make it and the quality of the ingredients that make it up. This cuisine is one of common sense that takes into account the rhythm of nature, that of the seasons while respecting tradition.

Observe these markets which enliven towns and villages, one finds there products cultivated and prepared according to traditional methods. They are sold in small quantities and often as regional specialties.

You will find these products in all these recipes which make the richness of the tables of Aveyron:

Pâtés, Roquefort, Tripoux, Aligot, Farçous, Dry Sausage, Fricandeau, Friton, Fouace, Spit Cake, etc ...

With Papé Papoul, come and taste Aveyron…