Aveyronnese at heart, Beatrice and Jean-Claude actually come from Aveyron stock originally.

Beatrice Leron

Early last century, Beatrice's grandfather left his native Aveyron as many of its residents with the hope of a better future.
The Leron family took to the roads, and Beatrice was born in Morocco while her father was working there.
A genealogy buff, Beatrice loves wading through old records to find out more about her roots.

The Leron family house in Broquiès (19th century).

The Lerons in all their finery in front of the bridge in Broquiès, Aveyron.

Jean-Claude Madaule

An unusual path eventually brought Jean-Claude back to the homeland of his ancestors, Knights Hospitaller in Combret Aveyron.
After scientific studies in Toulouse, a job as a renewable energy specialist led him to Provence.
But soon, the lure of working as an illustrator trumped a professional future all mapped out. From this passion for illustrating arose the little figure of " Pape Papoul " freely inspired by a farmer uncle  from Aveyron.

Jean-Claude's uncle was sharpening his knife on his old millstone in the last century .

Project History

From the meeting of these two passionate people were born two girls and a boy. But the youngest, Julia  has a disability: autism.
What could have destroyed their marriage only made Beatrice and Jean-Claude stronger. They battled through thick and thin to have Julia enrolled in mainstream schools until the age of 18. They then tackled the preparation of her professional future, and naturally turned to the gastronomic heritage of Aveyron for help.
After setting down in the hamlet of Prohencoux, in the regional park of the Grand Causse, they started selecting products and producers of Aveyron, who were immediately interested in the project  of integrating young adults with autism in ordinary firm.
The "Pape Papoul" brand was born.
Today Beatrice and Jean-Claude divide their time between the Aveyron and the Vaucluse, where they continue to manage an experimental center for autistic children. Their dream today is that Julia will be the first of a long list of autistic workers with other" ordinary " employees...