Stuffed duck necks 400g (14 oz)

Stuffed duck necks

Want to try something different? Stuffed duck necks are an original recipe from Aveyron, which your guests will savor hot or cold.

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Ingredients: pork meat, duck meat, duck foie gras 15%, skin of duck neck, poultry liver, whole eggs, milk, wheat flour, salt, pepper, preservative: sodium nitrite. Duck fat 10%. No GMOs or ionization.


To serve cold, remove the fat, place in the fridge and cut into thin slices just before serving on a bed of salad.

To serve hot, remove most of the fat, and heat in a frying pan until the skin has browned on all sides. Cut into slices, and serve with potatoes fried in the leftover fat. Enjoy!

400 g (14 oz)

Data sheet

Hauteur 11 cm
Poids 470 g
diamètre 7,5 cm