Authentic charcuterie from France

The charcuterie is an ancestral tradition in Aveyron. Pape Papoul offers you : Pâtés with pork , terrines, dried sausage , jambonneau, head cheese , pig and duck crackling, fricandeau . A range of products to discover an authentic charcuterie and quality from the south of France

  • Terrines from Aveyron...

    Terrines of pork and duck

    The Aveyron department excels in the art of making charcuterie. Our range of terrines is very varied. She will enchant the sweet / salty lovers These are basically traditional recipes of Aveyron, South West land. Our terrines consist of pork or duck, flavored with aged wine, smoked duck fillet and candied oranges. Ideal to accompany a snack or serve as an appetizer on a lettuce leaf

  • Dried sausage -...

    Traditional sausage from France

    The dried sausage preserved in oil is a traditional recipe hails from Aveyron. This method of conserving formerly used has now become a dish in its own right. This simple preparation makes to have during a long time an ideally dried sausage. Certain persons keep the oil when it reaches the end. They use it for cooking because it keeps a nice sausage flavor. Surprise your friends with a typical product from Aveyron with a deliciously original taste.

  • Deli: other products,...

    Traditionnal charcuterie

    The traditionnal charcuterie recipes from Aveyron are many and varied. Jambonneau, pig or duck cracklings, fricandeau, head cheese are all traditional preparations that can be found on the aveyronnaises tables. Perfect for a cold buffet, an hors d'oeuvre or a simple snack, the Aveyron charcuterie will satisfy your whole family and friends

  • Pâtés from Aveyron...

    Traditional and rural pork pate from France

    Discover the Aveyron means to taste its culinary specialties. Among them, the charcuterie and especially the pork pate, is one of the jewels The pâté de campagne, traditional recipe, can be eaten as a starter on a  nice slice of traditional bread. The pâté with Roquefort cheese and the pâté de campagne, the pâté with wild mushrooms,  the pâté with black trumpets are very popular outstanding recipes for gourmets.