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Biscuits: French traditional specialty

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"biscotins" are small crunchy biscuits from the South of France, especially typical of Aveyron.
These delicately flavored biscuits provide a great addition to your daily cup of tea, or to your after dinner coffee. They can also be enjoyed at any time of the day (and night)!
These shortbread biscuits are delicately flavored with coconut, and are a wonderful blend between the traditional and the exotic.
You can savor these delicious almond biscuits for breakfast, tea, or a snack at any time of the day and night! Traditionally produced
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These crunchy biscuits will melt in your mouth. The delicate touch of vanilla brings exoticism to a traditional recipe. Traditionally produced
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French Biscuits pure butter

Papé Papoul , who is our gourmet, offers you a range of 7 biscuits pure butter, naturally flavored, without added preservatives , created and produced by craftsmen
These biscuits will introduce you to another page of the gastronomy of our region.

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