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Confit is a traditional way of preserving meat in fat. The recipe is so popular that it is still consumed today even though there are other and simpler ways of preserving meat, but none so delicious... Brought...
This natural method of preserving meat has become a famous local specialty. The sausage is first dried to perfection, then steeped in oil inside a glass jar. After a time, the sausage takes on a slight nutty flavor...
  In the old days, Tripoux were eaten in the villages before going to Catholic mass. These days, it is more common to have them for breakfast after a long night's feasting... Don't believe us? Well, it is true that...
Tripes are not for the faint of heart, but courageous foodies are rewarded by the melting taste of this slowly cooked dish. Don't be shy and try them too!  Serves 4.
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