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This authentic apéritif is made from chestnuts macerated in white wine. Serve it to your friends before dinner, together with appetizers such as foie gras on toast or one of our delicious pâtés.
"biscotins" are small crunchy biscuits from the South of France, especially typical of Aveyron.
Confit is a traditional way of preserving meat in fat. The recipe is so popular that it is still consumed today even though there are other and simpler ways of preserving meat, but none so delicious... Brought...
Tripes are not for the faint of heart, but courageous foodies are rewarded by the melting taste of this slowly cooked dish. Don't be shy and try them too! Serves one or two.
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Design: 'Papé on a motorcycle' on the front, “Papé Papoul” signature on sleeve. Available in different colors and sizes. Click “View” to check availability.
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