The cooked dishes of Aveyron

The cooked dishes of Aveyron

Respect for the tradition and authenticity of regional products.


Aveyron: regional specialties

Dry sausage preserved in oil, pork pate with Roquefort, quail stuffed with foie gras, duck terrine with candied oranges…


Aveyronnaise gastronomy at the service of autism

The inclusion of autistic adults in our company
The charcuterie of Aveyron

The foie gras of Aveyron

A must in Aveyronnaise gastronomy
Partially boned quail, filled with foie gras, surrounded by a jelly with Porto.This Quail filled with foie gras  deserves to be on the finest tables. This meal is a real treat. A delicacy of king. this dish will be...
This natural method of preserving meat has become a famous local specialty. The sausage is first dried to perfection, then steeped in oil inside a glass jar. After a time, the sausage takes on a slight nutty flavor...